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Prescription Diets
We carry a wide range of prescription diets used to treat all sorts of medical conditions that your pet may develop, including prescription lines such as Hills, Purina and Royal Canine. All of our diets are given to treat a specific illness that your pet may have developed or we would like to slow the disease process with a change in diet.

Thank You for the Attentiveness and the Care for My Toby

My Toby needed FHO surgery which I was so afraid of doing but the doctor made me feel comfortable and made it seem this was a normal every day surgery. I did cancel my initial appointment and did research, but seeing Toby in discomfort and not walking properly I know I needed to do it. So I made another appointment.   After the surgery I brought my Toby home about 6 p.m. and it was scary, he could not find his way of sitting down because of his leg surgery and the huge incision. After reading about this surgery the success rate is great but I was still nervous on how my Toby would bounce back. I did receive a call from the Dr. Glasser around 8 p.m. asking how Toby is and I explained his discomfort. He assured the first 24 hours would be difficult but he will find his way of being comfortable and he was right. The next day the receptionist called me asking how Toby was. Just the phone calls alone are very important to a business because they show they care and put me at ease. It’s been 3 days and Toby his fully putting his leg pressure on right leg, not out of the woods, but so happy of his recovery thus far. Before surgery and after surgery I see a difference already. Thank you for the attentiveness and the care for my Toby.


Thank You for Giving Me So Many Happy Days with Max

Thank you to all of you for such complete and consistet friendliness for the eight years Max and I visited you.  I don’t know anyone else who would be so lovely when I handed them a bag of poop.  You all were kind, caring, knew both of us, and took such good care of both of us.  You helped Max reach the ripe old age of 15!  I never thought about the fact that you last interaction with your patients parents is often abrupt, sad and preoccupied.   So, rather than me crying and speechless, I’ll thank you for giving me so many happy days with Max.



Dr. Glasser Went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

When I brought my adopted puppy mill rescue in to see Dr.Glasser, I was thrilled to see that the great quality of service hadn’t changed in 15 years (he was my previous pet’s vet). My newest fur-baby had a mouthful of problems in the way of periodontaldisease and Dr. Glasser went above and beyond the call of duty to help me get financing for the procedure that would make her well, explained everything tome and treated my pet with kindness and professionalism.  My little one now has a healthy mouth, is more energetic than ever and I will be recommending SCV to my friends. ThanksDr. G and staff for your caring!

Astoria Pet Owner


Dr. Glasser's Kindnes

Panda had personality plus with an attitude to back it up! He was an affectionate comedian with a gift for impersonations - chief among them "tough guy" the moment this carrier crossed the threshold of Dr. Glasser's examining room. Dr. Glasser wasn't fooled by Panda's "dangerous" demeanor because he knew it to be an act over the years. Dr. Glasser's kindness on the day my cat was put to sleep will never be forgotten. I will always be grateful.

Panda's Mom


There's No Place Better to Bring Your Pets

Dr. Glasser, Steinway Court Veterinarian, has been my vet for over 25 years. From 1985 through 1999 he took wonderful care of my dog; despite a heart condition, thanks to great care, I had my Chihuahua Poncho for 15 years.

Now I have 3 cats, all rescues, and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. While expensive, he uses the latest technology.  Last week my cat Hoppy had an ultrasound guided liver biopsy - and Dr. Glasser's office called my home the next day to see how Hoppy was feeling. Lab tests showed Hepatitis, and Dr. Glasser prescribed several medications -
I will be going back in 2 weeks for blood tests and medication adjustments.

In short, if you love your pets and consider them part of your family, there is no place better to bring your pets than Dr. Robert Glasser and Steinway Court Veterinary.

Astoria Pet Owner


Wagging Tails

My dogs have been clients of Steinway Court Vet for the past 15 years. I have been extremely happy starting with the way I am greeted by the nurses as soon as I enter all the way up to Dr. Glasser who is a true professional. He takes the time to explain what is wrong with your pets and also listens to what you have to say without rushing you out. He is very gentle with my 2 dogs and they are very comfortable being around him. If you call them up with a problem after hours, you always get a call back in a timely manner.

You know the place is well liked by even your pets as my 2 dogs are still wagging their tails as they are entering their office.

Doctor Bob & staff--Keep up the good work-
Don K.


A Stress-Free and Positive Experience

Professional, friendly and comprehensive. Dr. Robert Glaser is calm, genial and capable, thoroughly explaining his examination and ensuing diagnosis in a clear, concise manner. I was confident my dog was being taken care of by a great vet who truly knows his business and genuinely likes animals. He called with lab results and recommendations in less than 24 hours and was very patient while answering my numerous questions. My visit to Steinway Court Veterinarian was an altogether stress-free and positive experience. I recommend Dr. Glaser without any hesitation for all veterinary concerns.

Donna J.


Helps Me Find the Best Ways to Give Her the Best Care Possible

I have had nothing but the most positive experiences at Steinway Court. The office staff is really very nice and positive; it always makes me happy when they come over and greet my cat by name in the waiting room. The office in total is very clean, which I think is an extremely important element in any medical environment.

Dr. Glasser is compassionate, and really seems to understand my cat. She always settles down when he is handling her - something I find quite amazing for an animal that only wants to be home! The care my cat receives is excellent, and the advice and follow through with Dr. Glasser and staff could not be better. Dr. Glasser makes suggestions about her care; in our case she is a little tubby. But he never makes me feel that I am not taking anything but good care of my cat -- and he helps me find the best ways to give her the best care possible at home. His advice is excellent, and he clearly is very impassioned about his work.

I highly recommend Dr. Glasser and Steinway Court. I could not imagine anyone's animal being in better hands.

Lisa N.


A Humane and Caring Approach

I brought my dog had been limping due to a problem with her front paw. Dr. Glasser gave her some tests and then diagnosed her as having a soft tissue problem. He prescribed medicine for her and within 12 hours she was walking as normal. We are grateful for his humane and caring approach but most of all because he solved the problem so quickly. We travel a long distance to see Dr. Glasser but it is well worth it due to the great job he does.

Martin H.

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