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The Steinway Court Veterinarian values your opinion and thoughts. We strive to provide both you and your pets with quality care and compassion. In order to do this we would like to enlist your help. The information you provide will help us improve our services to both you and your “other family member”. Please feel free to include names of persons involved in your pet's care. We appreciate your time and your thoughts! Your responses are confidential, and will only be reviewed by our office manager and practice owner.
    1=Disagree  3=Neutral  5=Agree
1. The receptionist was friendly and helpful when I telephoned.
2. The receptionists were hospitable and attentive when I arrived.
3. I was treated with professionalism and courtesy.
4. The hospital was clean and odor free.
5. My appointment was seen on time.
6. I was given an accurate estimate at the office prior to the work being started on my pet.
7. The doctor explained things in terms I could understand.
8. My pet received high quality veterinary care.
9. My discharge instructions were explained clearly.
10. My questions and concerns were addressed.
11. I would recommend the Steinway Court Veterinarian to friends.
Your comments are very important to us. Please feel free to explain any of your answers below or tell us how we can improve your next visit.
Your name (optional):
Your pet's name (optional):
If you would like to be contacted regarding your feedback, please provide your preferred contact information.
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